Public Server Rules

Admins have the right to kick/ban without warning in case of critical behaviour & player actions against the rules.
The instructions of the admins must be followed.

1) General

  • Ignorance does not protect against punishment: Each player must inform himself independently about rule changes.
  • Play fair & objective oriented.
  • No teamkills or ticket wasting.
  • No mainbase camping (this includes permanent camping, placing FOBs & mines on direct traffic routes to the mainbase).
  • The intention to intercept vehicles from the mainbase is considered mainbase camping.
  • It is forbidden to rush or block the territory of all enemy first and second flags at the beginning of the round.
  • Streaming is allowed with a delay of min. 10 minutes.
  • Take care of team-balance.
  • No racism, hateful behaviors and external advertising on our servers.
  • Player & squad names must not have any reference to world wars/terrorism/sexism/politic and must not conflict with the other rules (admins act here without warning).
  • Serverlanguage: German or English.
  • No insults, no call for real violence and no racism!
  • Anti-democratic, political statements and hate speech are to be refrained from in any form!

–> Any behavior in this direction will be severely punished by the admins and should be reported by players!

  • In addition, no third-party advertising!
  • We are subject to the Offworld Industries Squad Game Server Administration Guidelines.

2) Squadleader

  • SL have to use a microphone.
  • SL have to communicate with other SL/commander.
  • SL have to choose a SL-Kit.
  • SL have to support Newbies.

3) Squads

  • Locked one-man squads are not allowed, except Logistic- and Helicoptersquads.
  • Squads may only be closed from 6 players, except vehicle squads (see vehicles) / CMD Squad.
  • Tow and mortar squads count as infantry squads.
  • Player have to join a squad or create a squad.
  • Players have to play fair and objective.
  • AFK-players will be kicked after a certain time.
  • Playing of external sounds is forbidden.
  • Cheats, bug-using and other unfair advantages are forbidden and lead to a perma-ban.
  • Whoever opens a squad is required to lead it.

4) Vehicles

  • The first correctly named squad (via vehicle class or vehicle name) has claim-right on that vehicle.
  • Only one vehicle class may be claimed as a squad.
  • It is allowed to use a NON-claimed vehicle if your own is not available.
  • If a vehicle is obviously claimed, a subsequent claim cannot be filed. In this case, no claim with a possibly more precise squad name is valid either.
  • No vehicle wasting. Helicopters are not allowed to ram eachother.
  • Armed vehicles (except helicopters) must be manned by at least 2 men. For MBTs, 3 men are preferred.
  • The maximum squad size of MBT squads is 4.

5) Admin abuse

To report problems or admin abuse on a particular server, players can send an email to with the following details:

– Name of the server

– Any evidence such as video, pictures etc

– Date and time of incident

Alternatively, the appropriate Google-Document may be filled out. However, we recommend contacting the project management first. Maybe we can find a solution together.

Seeding Rules

  • Per Team one FOB/HAB allowed.
  • Only fight for the middle flag.
  • In the area of the middle flag, no FOB/HAB may be set within a radius of 150 m.
  • Radios (FOBS) and HABS must not be destroyed or engaged (no „camping“).
  • Attacking the enemy HAB or radio results in a direct kick.
  • No vehicles allowed (except Logistic & Transporter).
  • No building of offensive-placable objects.
  • Server goes live automatically with 20/20 players.